Saturday, July 11, 2009

bad news,,,,

well i was getting pics recently taken off the network to put on my laptop ( thats what i used for all my ct stuff/ designing i was using a ct kit at the time well my laptop just froze up and yea you guessed it wont boot up , as far as my hubby can tell the back up and the data is fine , its just the boot manger failed,, so in the am he is gonna see what he can do bout gettign my data backed up, mainly a few weeks of stuff isnt backed up via my external,, i have 6 kits out , right now and several LO'S MADE JUST WAITING TO UPLOAD TO DST so if i have somethign of yours if i can recover it i will still use it , if i lost well im sorry,,as for any ct stuff ,, i am not gonna be able to do any ct stuff for a bit i dont have psp x2 on this pc, just gimp and i havent gotten to use it nor do i know how to use it,,, i hope i dont get kicked off any ct's but if i do i do, you cant help pc issues,,, much less predict them, monday we are sending the hard drive off mon, tg i have a warrenty,,, so thats the news... as for my weekly freebie, i had goin on this week.. i obviously wont be able to do it,, as soon as i can a either get my laptop back working or i get pspx2 on here i will redo it,

c ya

i'll be bk


Kris Ann said...

oh, no. I'm so sorry to hear this. It hurts to thing about this happening. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

jessicamae3 said...

oh man! That sounds like what happened to our laptop. Can you give me a hint what your dh is doing to get it to boot and get that fixed? I am pretty tech savvy, but this stumped me. email me direct at
thanks bunches...