Monday, June 7, 2010


SORRY I WAS MIA LAS T MONTH I had avery good reason why LOL i was doin a contest at scrap matters called queen of scrap , i posted a total of 200 scrap pages all done in the month of may and i ended up being the top poster .I won a 50$ GC to the store and basically it means i get 1 new kit per designer, i already submitted my list and can not wait to get my new goodies ( i just hope all designers there now will still be there next year for qos, lol ) Next yr im actually gonna try for QOS or princess of scrap,,,,i did try this yr but i wanted to be top poster lol ..

now on to some other news i have offically retired form designing, i no longer sale at any store and im realieved cuz i really missed ct'ing and hanging out in forums..

last month while i was doin QOS, i was all over doin challenges at diff forums , one forum i won a 7 buck gc witch i need to hurry n use LOL..

this month i am focusing on cleaning my hd's up, organizing all my new goodies some dating back to nov last yr, backing everythign up, and hopefully having my hubby install my bigger hd and getting my photograghy sites up and goin ,,,
i am still ct'ing of course lol ... i still have a ton of pics that need to be edited as well,,,, but i can actually make sense of whats on my desktop now on my pc, b4 it was full of kits n whut not..i am also gonna be working on updating my blog....

onto some more news..i have put in for several ct's and have been acepted to a few new ones...i cant wait to get started with them !

i guess thats it for now....

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