Tuesday, December 9, 2008

what a slap in the face,,,,,

i do in home care for an elderly woman full time and i have been with her 1 yr and 1/2 and in this time io got close to her family and her , well they wanted me to cook thankgiving for herand that me n her could eat thanksgiving together, well i brought stuff from home to cook n shae with her and prob 2 weeks b4 i brought all the ingridents to make pumpkin pies for us , i gave her 1 and myself 1 , well to make a long story short her family backstabbed me and turned me in to my job accusing me of stealing her food,, my hubby and i have brought her food, for instance he does some misteryshops @fast food places and 1 morning he had 1 ff place = 2 locations = 4 orders well obviouly he cant eat that much food so he brought her a breafast platter, we have gotten pizza and had like a pizza party with her sharing our pizza , and some other stuff, we never asked for anything in return, when i used to do the grocery shopping, i would make extra food and make sure she had extra food for the weekend and lmao,, she wouldhave gotten all my extra food+ household items when we move to cali but not now, her family screwed her out of it

so anyways i am no longer with her,, and im sad but glad , her family was starting to grind my nerves, lol
i already have 2 job interviews 1 today and 1 tommrow

i am really hurt over this whole deal cuz i really cared bout her,,, but oh well ,

you would think by now i would be used to getting screwed over here in this state, i have so much b4

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