Tuesday, December 9, 2008


HELLO , EVERYONE IN DIGI SCRAPPING WORLD , THINGS ARE FINALLY SLOWING DOWN FOR ME.Lasst week was very hectic for me with ALL the wonderful trains at the start of the month and we had court on wednesday, and that went in our favor FINALLY ,, my boys got to come home for the first time in over a yr for the weekend, so me n my hubby were cramming to get the bunkbed made and everythign in order by friday nite,,, we had a gr8 weekend together, they will get to come home this weekend for a weekend visit and then on 12/19 they get to come home for good . yesterdAY AM i got called into the office where i work and,,,,

you will have to read next blog to find out what happened,,,, lol

i finally got some time sun nite to scrap, i just havent posted em yet but i will ,,
i still am behind a lil in my ct stuff But i will be cought up soon, i hope all my ct's will understand and wont let me go ,,,

my tag sites have been negleted too , i have been able to fill some offers but not all

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