Sunday, August 2, 2009

happy August!!

well its another month now,, school will be starting soon , thank god i can not wait, love my kids dearly BUT the only free time i get is when they go to sleep! this summer has been ok i guess,,,im glad July is over,, we had an awful July , the only highlight was goin to La and Hollywood at the beginning of the month for MJ's funeral ( that was sad) it was a honer to be a part of it , i still cant believe he is gone and that i went to the funeral
i have an oppertunity to go to dental assisting school for free for 9 mons. a part of me wants to go but a part of me doenst as i would rather do graphic design class instead,, just the thought thought of working in ppls mouth doesnt sit well with me, although i dis do cna work for many years....i dont know....

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